Friday, October 24, 2014

3M Thoughts: So Hindi Ka Lang Late, Tamad Ka Pa?

It's so true when they say that a way a person manages their time is very telling of them as a person.

I love lunch outs, especially if it's to celebrate someone's birthday or a tiny victory in the office. 

But when there are people who you want to attend are horribly known to be tardy, it kind of ruins everything - so much to the point that it gets cancelled all by the simple virtue of one who's known to move so slow.

For the life of me, I can't imagine myself being late. My 9-5 job starts at me logging in at 8:30 in the office. My dentist almost always ends up texting me not to leave the house yet because she knows that she'll be indefinitely late. When meeting clients, I make it a point to be the first to arrive, and this goes for my online appointments on Skype as well. I like it when I am at the receiving end of an apology for reasons usually of traffic, which to me is an easily avoidable thing. Just leave early.

Punctuality is a habit I learned the hard way. I remember waking up at 5:30 in the morning, sleep on my breakfast plate, and be in school by 6:15 and we just live not more than 10 minutes away from Miriam.

I don't understand why there are people who are comfortable in their skin for being late - even feel proud about this fact about themselves that can't seem to be undone even if it can be.

I also don't understand why I apologize endlessly for being a tad late when others just kind of assume that they will be because that's how they really are. 

The value for time taught me that there are rewards only punctual people can get. You get the best seats, your application (or what-not) gets processed quickly, you finish early (whatever your errand is) and there are less stress to deal with since you have a bunch of extra minutes to make time for. 

Learning the value of punctuality needs to start when you're young. And it's a value you will forever treasure when you get older.

So, if you're of the perpetually tardy / lazy type, move your ass based on very advanced wall clocks. Unless you're willing to lose the respect, and in some cases, the friendship of other people. 


We are no longer in school that trying to come up with a service or product can be done in days in time for submission simply to pass - something that's so ironic to be so rampant in place where time is so short to strike an impression. 

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Almond Milk for the Love of Anything New

So last night while waiting for my friend to arrive, I decided to kill time at the grocery, a place you'll soon discover to be therapeutic when you reach your mid 20s. 

There were some guys unpacking almond milk from cartons and I suddenly remembered how I've been meaning to try almond milk, specifically the one by Silk.

May this match my mental surplus that 
for quite some time now only coffee can keep up with

So I bought one! As I type this, I'm waiting it to chill a little bit. I'm not a fan of milk, but I'm giving this a shot for purely health reasons. 

I googled the benefits I could get by drinking almond milk and as it turns out, it's quite a promising choice I made.

Did you know that almond milk is...

low in calories?
contains only 40 calories at most per 8 ounce?
low in fat?
it is lactose-free?
it is also gluten, casein and cholesterol-free?
high in antioxidants?

Now, those bits of facts makes quite happy :) Are you in love with almond milk? :)

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Early Hump Day Treat at 8 Cuts Burger Blends!

And so it seemed like my hump day arrived a day early :) I realized no matter how many BS the world throws at you, it always finds its way to make it up to you. Thank you, universe for the much needed respite :)

A collage of my Tuesday night!

You see, my good friend, Ten, and I go way back - back to 2010 specifically. She's one of the few people I came to be super good friends with at my second job. It's strange how you find people who are smart, who make great sense and successful in a place that screams otherwise.

Ten and I rarely see each other these past few years, but when we do, it's like we just parted ways the other day. The updates are nonstop, it makes time fly by so fast! Last night, we went home at 11 in the evening already. We didn't notice the time and the chairs being stacked on tables - a gentle reminder to get the bill and leave as the establishment's already closing :)

First, we had burgers at 8 Cuts Burrger Blends in Megamall. I was first to arrive, and I opted for the table outside because it was so loud and dark inside! Why do they always have to keep the music up so loud? Haha!

Ten had the Rising Shroom Burger and I ordered the Piggy! We also shared a plate of onion rings, which we both agree put other onion rings to shame! We're big foodies indeed <3

The Porky (left) and the Rising Shroom (right)

I know nothing about sirloin, chuck, and short rib, but I know it's all beef. I loved my Piggy burger - a juicy quarter-pounder patty of chuck and short rib. I loved the mozzarella and bacon jam - my first time to try it! And as usual, 8 Cuts' fresh breads always win!

Since she took care of the bill, I took charge of the coffee and the dessert. I took her to Lucca Bakery where she got a hot Americano (hahaha, sounds like a guy!), a Chunky Choco Chip Cookie and I got my iced latte staple. I live for these moments. 

An iced latte's always a good friend! And how pretty is this mason jar? I'm seriously considering the mason jars from Dunkin Donuts...

It was super nice seeing you again, Ten! 

And oh, I dropped by H&M! There's nothing really spectacular about it! No swimsuits on the racks at all!

8 Cuts Burger Blends
3/F Fashion Hall SM Megamall

Lucca Bakery
4/F Fashion Hall SM Megamall


Also, happy birthday to my officemate, Annamae! Thanks to her, I finally know how a motel-made pancit (from Orchids Hotel) tastes like. And no, no almost naked sexy girl popped out of the bilao

Anyare Renee Zellweger?!

So apparently, Renee Zellweger's a totally different person! No matter how hard I try to look at the photos side by side, I just can't really see the Renee I used to know. Naks, close?!

Photo from this ET Online

I liked her better looking like this though a little too annoying...


Indeed, "the aging body is fascinating - but we've also been culturally trained to be repulsed by it."

Oh plastic surgery, what have you done.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Chinatown Date at Sincerity Cafe and Restaurant, Binondo!

It's been a long time since our last Binondo foodtrip, and so I asked my favorite live Google Map person to take me there for a Chinatown Sundate before he sends his ass back to Mindoro. I'm quite getting used to our quick weekend dates <3

We used to frequent Binondo a lot during the past months, and I think we're becoming quite familiar with the side streets and the shortcuts, you know, to avoid scary things like horse poo on the sidewalks.

The Anthony + Regina Adventures!

Though frequent Binondo visitors, we always get stuck eating at just 1 restaurant, which kind of defeats the purpose of going on a food TRIP. We always plan to get small entrees, but who can resist eating Chinese food without rice?!

Before Sincerity Cafe and Restaurant, we decided to get a short order of Pork Dumplings at Tasty Dumplings. This 8-piece order is only 99 pesos. We decided to have it fried than just boiled. Yummy appetizer for this Binondo Foodtrip :)

Tasty Dumplings is located at Ongpin Street
After I saw how chunky my face is, I did my supposedly regular cardio workouts!

What used to be a long walk to the Chinatown arc from Ongpin seemed rather short last weekend! From the arc, we turned left at Yuchengco Street, walked a little more before we spotted Sincerity Cafe and Restaurant. It's so near the shop my mom and I used to go to for her small office supplies business.

Hearty lunch spread for 2 for only Php 275!

The kikiam was served first, followed by the fried rice, and the fried chicken last. We initially wanted the Honey Fried Chicken, but you'd have to pre-order it apparently. Overnight marinade procedure, perhaps?

Real Kikiam Goodness (Php 55)
Authentic kikiam is sweet than salty apparently!
So different from the kikiam sold frozen in supermarkets.

Small Yang Chow Fried Rice (Php 60) 
This is actually good for one person, but we shared and did not regret it! Despite our allergic reaction to shrimp, we're still alive! :)

Half an order of Sincerity Fried Chicken (Php 160) 
Crunchy chicken skin, I love! It's really yummy, you'll forget about the homemade gravy that comes with it. The waiting time for this is around 10 to 15 minutes. It was the last to arrive, but first to be finished!

We were given these traditional ceramic plates! This plate (before Corel replaced all our mealwares at home) brought a lot of memories back! I used to get spanked a lot for breaking these because it's too heavy haha! Sorry mom!

Chinaware in Chinatown!

If you're too lazy to go to Binondo, there's Sincerity Cafe and Restaurant in Banawe, in San Juan and at the Lucky Chinatown Mall.

David's Tea House Wholesale Center along Benavidez Street!

From Chinatown to the Lucky Chinatown Mall, we passed by the Wholesale Center of David's Tea House! For you guys who want to have a small siomai cart (or an MSG party at your house), you can buy your dimsum supplies here! The prices are crazy low!! For instance, a 60-pc. pack of pork siomai is Php 130! It's frozen dimsum heaven!

To cap off a great Sunday, we watched Gone Girl! It's a must-watch! :)

Sincerity Cafe and Restaurant
497 Yuchengco St. (now Nieva Street)
Binondo, Manila

Tasty Dumplings
288, 620 Ongpin St. 
Binondo, Manila

David's Tea House Wholesale Center
826 Benavidez St. (in between Salazar and Soler Street)
Binondo, Manila

The Why Movement in Metro Manila

Have you seen these Why's too? I saw one here in Ortigas and my friend who works in BGC spotted the same!

Photo source: Dyms Yamat

Photo source: Kelvin Aragones

There's also one along ADB Avenue.

Got leads on this? In fairness, I'm really curious about the person / group of persons behind this! Achieve!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Let-It-Gogh-And-Paint Kind of Saturday at Sip and Gogh!

So I did it. FINALLY! 

My Saturday on a 3 x 3 

As previously blogged, I finally got to attend the 4 PM session at Sip and Gogh last Saturday! I enjoyed a lot, I'll be there again this weekend for the 8 PM session with my sister and hopefully my cousins who haven't confirmed yet as of press time. The featured work will be Starry Starry Night! How exciting is that! I hope they feature Irises soon...

Let me tell you that Silent Retreat is not a Van Gogh creation, but Sip and Gogh has a lot of featured artworks (they even have Adventure Time for the kids!) that will make you want to sign up nevertheless. Of course, they have to since Van Gogh's creations were mostly portraits and flower vases. 

Sip and Gogh is conveniently located at the Capitol Greenstreet Commercial Center at the Capitol Hills Drive. That where my cousins and I used to hang out all afternoon during summer. Good times :)

Traffic last Saturday was worse, but thankfully I arrived exactly at 4 despite that I live near the area. There were only a few seats available for walk-ins (so please schedule and pay online before dropping in), and most of the attendees came in pairs! I was the only one on a solo mission. 

While waiting for the others to arrive. 

If you're mustering the courage to go alone at Sip and Gogh, go for it! There's nothing to worry as everyone's really friendly - the staff and the other session goers included.

I got coffee instead of wine (as previously planned), and enjoyed the platter of cold cuts, cheese, grapes and crackers that came with the Php 1,000 fee. It's so posh for Regina - I had to leave a few of the grapes untouched though para di naman patay gutom ang peg. Haha!

Loved the cheese!

Don't confuse your drink with the glass of water for cleaning your brushes - that's one of the opening lines of the staff when the session started. I laughed for it's so unlikely to confuse the dirty cup with murky paint water inside for a drink. The marks on the brush handles and the palette show that these have been used ever since the studio opened. 

Anyone can pull off a great artwork at Sip and Gogh as there's a guide who will show you how it's done. Though guided, much of the creativity is actually left to your imagination. Make Van Gogh happy by vouching on your autonomy!

I had a swell time at Sip and Gogh. Except for the squeaky chairs and somehow low lighting in the studio (it went a little dark when 7 PM approached), Sip and Gogh's a real treat for anyone who wants a relaxed time with nothing to think about but the canvas sitting in front of you.

Attending it alone did not feel weird as I found myself more drawn to the activity than the fact that I went by myself. Pretty amazed by myself for doing this (insert smug face here!)

Achievement unlocked for a clingy person!

Sip and Gogh
Capitol Greenstreet Commercial Center
1 Capitol Hills Drive 
Old Balara, Quezon City

Friday, October 17, 2014

Silent Retreat at Sip and Gogh!

So I'm finally fulfilling one of my plans of doing a fun paint project (by my lonesome!) at Sip and Gogh tomorrow!

It may not be apparent (as this is a food blog and stories of my travels), but painting is one of my favorite hobbies since I was little. I remember having so many Artex sets - you know, those super cheap-o paint sets parents buy to shut their kids up - and scratch papers for my 'artworks'.

Batang 90s ka nga talaga if you know this.
Photo source:

I remember buying a Mensa crossword puzzle and the 12-piece water color Reeves set when I got my first paycheck. These hobbies of mine are quite definitive of my old soul personality. In short, I'm really a loner!

Photo from Sip and Gogh Website

I'm booked for tomorrow, October 18 at 4 PM for the Silent Retreat session! I'm kind of stoked to discover how it's like to paint like a professional painter complete with the easel, canvas and all that jazz. Should I bring my painter's hat too? Kidding!

For more information, visit Sip and Gogh's website at 

Sip and Gogh
Capitol Greenstreet Commercial Center
1 Capitol Hills Drive
Old Balara, Quezon City
(02) 961-1248
Google Map link -
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