Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Gilas is Salig

Did you know that the Bisaya word, salig, means "to believe" in English?

So I don't think it's coincidence that our National Basketball Team is called Gilas. Ya know, salig spelled backwards. 

I just feel so sorry for this game. And I don't even like basketball!

We Love Kampong Glam Cafe (Bussorah Street, Singapore)

Jonjie and I love to get familiar with the food we eat. This also happens to be the reason why when we fall in love with a particular dish or restaurant, we'll  make it a point to eat there every chance we get. 

Last September was fun for us because we were able to spend some quality time in Singapore before heading over to Bali. I booked us a dainty hostel along Arab Street in Bugis, and sitting at the corner of Bussorah Street was Kampong Glam Cafe.

Hello, bear!

The night we arrived in Singapore, Kampong Glam Cafe was super busy so we thought of just getting some snacks and ice cream at the nearest 7-11 and call it a day. But we made sure to try out that place. A busy restaurant almost always means a yummy restaurant!

During our 4-day stay in Singapore, we ate at Kampong Glam Cafe practically FOUR times! Hahahaha it was that goooooooood! And we ordered the same meal, too! He got the Chicken Cutlet and I ordered the Nasi Goreng Ayam - always with the Teh Tarik! And surprisingly, Coke was a lot cheaper there! Only 2 dollars, lah!

I want more Nasi Goreng Ayaaaaaaam!

Aside from the great food, the people manning the cafe were all so nice! They even noticed us eating almost every night we were there! 

See you again soon, Kampong Glam Cafe! It was our yummiest 5-dollar meal ever! 

Kampong Glam Cafe
Address: 17 Bussorah St, Singapore 199438
Phone:+65 6294 1697
Hours: Open today · 8:00 am – 2:00 am

Sunday, October 04, 2015

Now Open: Silantro Fil-Mex Cantina in UP Town Center

UP Town Center definitely gets better and better every month. There's always something to discover for Katipuneros and Katipuneras out there,  and it's also nice to know that restos in Kapitolyo are now adding branches in this area :) Woooohoooo! FINALLY!

And case in point - SILANTRO FIL-MEX CANTINA of Dagupan and Kapitolyo fame!

The first time I tried Silantro was exactly a year ago with my good ol' Brady friends, Marye, Ten and Diana. And I never got back to eat as much as I wanted to ever since. 

So, yesterday, with my mom and sister and her husband, we had lunch at Silantro in UP Town and I led the ordering of the dishes! Too bad though that since they are still on their soft opening, their main dishes (well, except for the burrito, which we do not eat) are not yet available. So we ended up with 4 appetizers! The humongous servings made our lunch just as heavy and hefty. Not in photo though is the Nachos!

I can't wait to bring papi here! He'll love it fo sho!

Calliente Wings

And this was probably our cheapest lunch as a family to date. Only Php 680 - mom's senior citizen discount not yet included ;)

Silantro Fil-Mex Cantina is located at the 3/F of the UP Town Center Mall. It's next to Rita's Ice.


Can I take these colorful panes home? :)

My Logitech M238!

I'm not really a fan of tech stuff. Except for products that Apple makes, and recently, this cute owl of a mouse from the Logitech Play Collection.

The above photo is the pic of the mouse Jonjie and I saw in Bugis. It's sooooo cute, but most of the tech shops in Singapore had membership. So, as much as we wanted to buy it, and for fear that the stocks of this limited ed Singapore version will run out (apparently, these are designs in celebration of SG's 50th anniversary), I just took a pic and prayed for its availability in the PH. 

And so when I saw it in Glorietta, I knew I had to buy. 

And apparently, it's also available in Lazada. Of all places!

Say hello to my new toy to destroy :)

It's 29 SGD, but it's cheaper here in the PH! Wooot!

Old School Magnolia Chocolait

New month, new account! :) I just feel so happy to know that I'll be handling a brand that's kind of close to my heart. 

Thinking of materials to use, I stumbled on these old bottles of Magnolia Chocolait. These are not my pictures, but aren't these bottles so nostalgic?

Photo from

Although we never really stocked on these bottles at home, I do remember our cousins' house being stuffed with these. Especially back in 1991 / 1992 when there would often be a water shortage, these bottles kept their family of 7 well hydrated! Haha 

Spell nostalgia!

Friday, September 25, 2015

Oh Sweet Bali High!

I guess it's safe to say that a week after the trip, we're all still on a high! This sweet albeit non-fictional type of high!

Why is that so? One - we've never been to a country where the Philippine peso had so much buying power. Two - everything's just so cheap! Like everything! From the hotel and tour packages to the food and pasalubong. Three - the people were truly amazing! Their brand of hospitality, although very unique from the Philippines, is a gem worth travelling for. Friendships made in Bali are meant to be kept for a lifetime.

One of the interesting things that happened the day we arrived back in Manila was this message from a high school friend asking - So, super saya ba ng Bali? Ganda ng photos mo! And so I booked a 2-way ticket for myself! Hahahaha! 

Of course, I feel amazed and happy whenever my travel photos inspire people to get up and moving. I don't travel as much as this high school friend does, but I'm glad she got the inspiration to visit Bali from me :) And just like what a true friend would do, I shared with the details of my trip. And if you care (hahaha!) or if you're curious as to what it was, read on! Below are the details of my Bali trip - in text and in photos! (Naks, lakas maka Lonely Planet nitong entry na ito!)

Disclaimers first, though! Why Jonjie and I visited Bali was for his kuya's beautiful beach wedding. So, if you're planning on getting hitched, Bali is a force to be reckoned with. I don't have plans of going for a destination wedding, but this one got me thinking ;)


We got loads of time to book our flights for Bali. However, while looking for flights last February, we realized that we can save more money if we don't do the direct flights, which led to our 10-day September vacation where 4 days were spent first in Singapore, then the rest in Bali.

So we booked a MNL to SG flight via Cebu Pacific for only PHP 1,115 each. That's still exclusive of a 15kg baggage allowance, which we pre-booked for PHP 450 less than 24 hours before our flight.

SG to Bali flights are cheap if you book from Air Asia. We got one-way tickets for PHP 1,600 each only with 20kg of baggage included. Super cheap. 

And we had no choice but to splurge a bit for our BALI to MNL flight. Our one-way ticket was almost PHP 4,800, but inclusive of 20 kg of baggage.


We were checked in at Hotel Neo Kuta - Legian. It's a 3-star hotel located along Legian Street and near Kuta Beach. We were booked for 6 days at PHP 1,500 per night inclusive of breakfast buffet. You can book a room via Agoda, but it's cheaper if you book directly from their website. It's clean and very sulit!


Getting around Bali requires a car / van, so if you're travelling with a group, you can split the day fee (which is usually around PHP 1,650 per day). If you're travelling solo, the rates are adjusted accordingly. 

We got to tour Bali by booking tours from the hotel. Although we did a bit of research on the places we wanted to see, we had no idea that these were located on opposite ends of Bali! The beauty of these tour packages is you can customize it. Just talk to the driver if you want to visit other places provided that it is along the way. The drivers are all very kind and give suggestions on places worth seeing, so it's a win-win situation. Traffic can get bad in Bali though so I suggest you get started with your tours early. 

Here are the tour packages from Hotel Neo. 

to be continued :)

Just Work Et. Just Handle Et.

I just have to share this desktop wallpaper I created using Canva. It's my motto in life. Like really.

Hustlin' is not for the weak. 

Happy loooooooong weekend, you guys!

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Halal Guys - October 13, 2015

I've marked my calendar! And it's so finally happening!

In my effort to revive my food blogging days (but I still don't have the courage to call myself a food blogger. It's just not right!), I'll make sure to stand by the opening of Halal Guys, which is confirmed to be this October 13, 2015.


My friends who frequent the US always have good words about Halal Guys. And they say that while Cyma's gyros are schmantastic on its own, Halal Guys really shakes things up. And syempre, I can't wait to see it for myself whether Halal Guys will truly compare to my only favorite dish from Cyma - well, aside from their roka salata! 

Something to look forward to this October :)
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