Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Stalking Stalking Stalking

So after reading the book, Advertising: More Fun in the Philippines, I got so hooked stalking the many names dropped in its pages. There's Tony Harris, who I already stalked on Google, LinkedIn and YouTube. I got my fair share of knowing who David Guerrero is, and he's pogi. 

Today's agenda is stalking Brandie Tan. And thank god he has a blog! Not as updated, but his posts are so funny and insightful.

Okay, back to lokohan in the office.


To All Ya'll Beings Who Know Whose Asses to Kiss

Pasok. Upo. Criminal Case. Upo. Kain ng Mahal. Upo. Solohin ang internet. Tayo. Weewee sa labas. Busy-busyhan. Small talk. Uwi.

Magaling magaling magaling

Photo from

A day in the life of our well loved country manager, who I, do not give a shit anymore. And I do not blame him. I blame the person who put him here despite his zero knowledge on advertising. But the admitted absence of creativity, initiative to learn and the basic knowledge of what the heck a byline is scares the shitload out of me. 

Hence, he does not exist.

I mean seriously, if there's any budget that need to be cut, it's yours.


You're worse than crap.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

The Polka Dot Bakeshop - Quality Cakes by the LJC Group

The LJC Restaurant Group is an impossible misnomer for foodies and non-foodies alike. It's everywhere and chances are you have probably eaten at one of its restaurants without knowing!

Under its belt are household restaurant names that include Café Adriatico, Abe, Café Havana, Bistro Remedios, Fely J’s Kitchen, Larry’s Café and Bar, Lorenzo’s Way and Abe's Farm. A new addition under its belt (that is, if I am so behind the news!) is this cute pastry boutique nay bakeshop at SM Megamall's Fashion Hall - The Polka Dot Bakeshop! It sits right next to Abe at the 3rd floor :)

The packaging's cute! Makes for great gifts this holiday season me thinks :)

The Polka Dot Bakeshop has cakes in junior sizes for sharing and petite ones for the solo dessert lover who does not want to share! I got to try their petite Velvetique and I super like it! It's the classic red velvet cake that's crumbly and moist. It looks super cute too. 2 thumbs up for this one!

They have an album of their beautiful cakes here. Go go go check it out :) 

The Polka Dot Bakeshop
3/F SM Megamall
Mega Fashion Hall
LJC Restaurant Group's Facebook Page

Monday, November 24, 2014

Advertising: It's More Fun in the Philippines by Tony Harris

A bookstore is one of my happy places next to coffee shops and supermarkets. I love it so much that I rarely leave one empty handed. I sometimes regret buying that thing I bought - a #2 paint brush, an Xacto blade set, a cutting board or a magazine.

But really, in 90% of the time that I do, I actually do feel happy that thing I bought, and just over the weekend, this book that I saw on display at National Bookstore - SM Aura.

Advertising: More Fun in the Philippines by Tony Harris

While waiting for my boyfriend to pick me up that night, I grabbed coffee at Toby's Estate. As I couldn't finish the entire iced latte with the table as my date pro tempore, I decided to have it transferred in a paper cup so I can go around.

Of course, a tambay at the bookstore is the easiest way to kill time. I was looking for the book, Stardust, which my good friend Hannah recommended to me, but the familiar catchy colors of DOT's It's More Fun in the Philippines campaign on a book cover naturally caught my attention. 

I picked it up, read the foreword and found myself giggling over the candid anecdotes that followed. Even with just 11 pages read, I could already say that Tony Harris, the author, is a real storyteller! A real adman! 

Of course, the hilarity and the insider take on the machination of an ad agency made me buy the book. Although it made me realize how the agency I am associated with fairs so small in comparison (we are truly a tiny dust in the Milky Way galaxy), I dropped it only after I finished all 170 pages. In less than 24 hours.  

Thy reading corner - literally

I've always found the advertising industry magical. It's where creativity holds no bounds and where brevity always wins. It seems like commercials, taglines and print ads are so easy to make, but really, it's not. It won't bore you for as long as you love it back - OTs, rejected ideas, crappy bosses and all its imperfections.

The book is a refreshing take on how agencies are actually nice and warm to each another even if they are in constant pitch war winning over coveted clients. The better idea always wins, and nothing can be more nicer than that.

It's amazing to learn how the It's More Fun in the Philippines campaign came to fruition from the insider point of view of Harris - the long and tedious process to even pitch for the government (you have to be financially and creatively qualified to do so!), the amount of ingenuity, inspiration, initiative and wonder it takes to come up with such an amazing campaign that everyone truly identifies with. It must have been nerve wracking to present to the secretary of the DOT and the President of the Philippines himself. The challenge is an understatement, but then, don't we all live for those eureka moments? :)

And I have to say, this is one of my best random bookstore purchases ever!

Toby's Estate Philippines + Bucky's Not A Brownie at SM Aura!

If you spend at least 8 hours of your day with me and if you read all the debauchery that I have here, you'd know that I am a big coffee person. And so it was a happy moment when I learned that Toby's Estate Philippines, you know, that swanky and super popular coffee place in Makati is now at SM Aura! 

It's just sort of a popup booth, but really, a non-Makati person like me doesn't have any right to complain. I tried their iced latte version last Saturday night, and I like it.

Well, except for the part where I was totally awake until 3 AM the next day.

I was thinking of ordering a Flat White, but I really have no clue as to what it is. Next time after I google it :)

Another reason why I like Toby's Estate? It kept me company while I was at the bookstore :)

Of course, Bucky's Not a Brownie treats were a sight to behold too. I made sure to get 2 of the Original Buckies, Chunky Blonde and Buckies N Cream as pasalubong to my boyfriend's family. They approve of all 3 flavors, and as for me, Buckies N Cream, the one at the center, is my favorite :)

They have quite a fancy selection of pastries that go well (of course) with their caffeine blends. I must try the Calamansi Pie next.

Here's hoping that Yardstick of Makati opens a popup booth here too!

Toby's Estate Philippines
3/F SM Aura

Friday, November 21, 2014

Thursday Night Out With The Katipuneras

I've always found meaningful conversations with my precious friends good for the soul. And since we haven't seen each other for a good 6 months (but it felt like a year), the stories just got piled up! And I guess it is safe to say that we went home with happy souls and hearts :)

Thursday indeed is the new humpday. I got to meet these lovely ladies again for dinner last night at our go-to place in Katipunan - Flaming Wings! I just blogged about eating at Flaming Wings in White Plains a week ago, and now here I am, again, on a Flaming Wings high!

Of course, a 5-piece basket of HOT wings with blue cheese and honey mustard dips needed to be had while we each had our choice of pasta for the night.

2014 has been all about different types of carbonara for me, so you should kind of know already what I got. Naks, feeling may readership talaga! But seriously, Flaming Wings' Linguine Carbonara is a classic. It's a done deal!

My friend, Cor, got a Spaghetti Puttanesca. Kamy and I both had carbonara, but hers was spaghetti noodles.

The sound architecture at Flaming Wings Katipunan is just as terrible as it was eons ago, so after dinner, we went straight to Coffee Bean at the nearby Regis Center.

I asked the barista whether they had Iced Cafe decaf, and I was glad na meron, And indeed, it was decaf because as I got home, I was already feeling really sleepy. Yay! Masisipa ko talaga siya if it wasn't hahahaha

Check out the wisdom on my cup! Okay, I hear ya!

Thanks, girls for the night of updates and motivation! Love it! See you again hopefully not in 10 years!

And suddenly, everything's okay in the world again. Thank you! My heart is happy <3

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

A Cultural Field Trip Kind of Sunday (Warning: Image Heavy!)

As in, REALLY image heavy this post.

As I get older (gosh, I'm turning 27 so soon!), I realize that the arts actually pique my interest. I guess I'm an old soul. And since I rarely get my daily dose of culture on most days (especially during the work week where I am more showered with BS than the good kind), I make the effort to expose myself to... culture on weekends.

Last Sunday, I was salingkit to a friend who was on an official business at the National Museum of the Philippines. There's usually an entrance fee during weekdays and on Saturdays, but admission is free on Sundays. Yay!

Facade of the National Museum of the Philippines.
Still a beauty despite the scaffolding!

How we got to the National Museum of the Philippines from Quezon City:
1. We rode the train to Recto at LRT 2
2. From Recto station, we walked the foot bridge leading to D. Jose in LRT 1
3. From D. Jose, we simply exited the station (not sure if North exit or South exit, hehe) to ride a jeep with a Baclaran / Mabini sign on it. That jeep will pass by the following landmarks: Manila City Hall, the Manila Post Office, and of course, the National Museum of the Philippines! 

It's easy! My friend and I are not born commuters, but we did found our way smoothly without asking strangers for directions. 

Along with the exception of some jeje visitors who were in slippers (please read the dress code, people!), there were also a bunch of Westerners who were obviously on tour. I couldn't help but do a virtual punch in the air knowing that these foreigners are thinking highly of us for having so many beautifully restored paintings, wooden sculptures, stories and artifacts. Despite the many years we have served as colonies to so many Western countries, we do have an identity that's well preserved at the National Museum.

Here are some highlights!

And oh, did you know that the National Museum used to be the session hall of the House of Representatives?

Entrance door with the N & M acronyms

Of course, a picture with the 1884 Spoliarium of Juan Luna is a must! 

Opposite the Spoliarium by Juan Luna is The Assassination of Governor General Fernando Manuel de Bustillo Bustamante by Felix Resurreccion Hidalgo

Gallery 1 sightings - wooden sculptures

Gallery 2 sightings - A tribute to Juan Luna's paintings as 
bequested by the Far East Bank of the Philippines now BPI

Gallery 3 - Sculputures using mostly plaster of Paris

Angel sculpture at the entrance. I wonder what that means...

Hello, Pepe!

Thankfully, the National Museum of the Philippines is being restored that again, despite the scaffolding outside, it's nice to know that all these efforts are aimed at restoring our history and culture. It's truly a must see. 

Since we were already in the cultural hub of the Philippines, my friend and I took a cab from the National Museum to Intramuros. We intended to walk, but the sweltering heat was too much to handle!

After a quick lunch, we visited the Cathedral of the Archdiocese of Manila and the beautiful San Agustin Church where there was a wedding held every hour! There was an underground mausoleum and museum in San Agustin, so we made sure to check those out too. Entrance fee at the San Agustin Church Museum is 100 per adult. Bring your ID (even if invalid) to get a 50% discount!

Some Cathedral of the Archdiocese of Manila highlights:

Some San Agustin Church highlights:

Beautiful and ornate ceiling of the San Agustin Church

Some museum highlights

By 4 of the many paintings of Augustinian churches in the Philippines

Crucifix from prolly the Baroque period

Beautiful capiz lights

I thank the heavens that Intramuros is still as charming and unique as I last visited it. I hope that all generations will find it in their minds and hearts to restore old Manila;s beauty and identity and not give in to mundane things like a building a high-rise in the midst of all the beautiful history that we are all striving and persevering to preserve. I pray for that!

Did you know that what used to be the house of Padre Jose A. Burgos is now a 7-11 store?

Seeking Comfort at Flaming Wings, White Plains

It's that week of the month when I just can't seem to get enough of salty food. I'm not going TMI here, but really, whenever I have the hankering for salty food, the hot & spicy chicken wings that I love from Flaming Wings always come to mind.

For a change though, my sister and I decided to try out the Flaming Wings branch along White Plains. I have to say that if you want to get your fill of Flaming Wings comfort food - the one you grew up with being a Katipunera - minus the noise, then visit their White Plains branch. The place is more chill! Plus, mas groovy ang interiors dito! 

I ordered a serving of Linguine Carbonara along with my staple hot & spicy 3-piece chicken wings with honey mustard sauce. This is THE best combination ever. I also like it with blue cheese, but honey mustard is love!

My sister got an order of 5-piece Chicken Tenders with marinara sauce and a side of coleslaw. Mas sulit parin talaga if you go for the wings in all its boned glory! And a tiny side comment for the coleslaw - I find it weird that it has raisins!

Ahhhhh, nothing spells comfort food better and more accurately than Flaming Wings.

And of course, since I'm on a craving spree, we also dropped by Family Mart at UP Town Center just to secure a lemon bar - my favorite new addiction!

And just so you know, Family Mart's lemon bars are made by Purple Oven.
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