Thursday, October 30, 2014

La Passione Sparkling Sweet White Wine

I need this in my life.

Where in Manila can I get this?

For the love of Madam K

Minsan lang ako maging faney, and when I do, I become transparent like Casper, the friendly ghost! or Madam K is my recent addiction! Since her super bentang H&M post, I've started reading her blog from cover to cover - of course idiomatic expression lang yan.

Why she is patok? :)

One, she is super relatable. I think I'm a closet gay-girl, and when I am in the company of my true friends, that's where all the kabalbalans start pouring out! My true friends can attest to this <3 Her posts, both funny and medyo serious (like realizations after college) are so my thoughts too.

Two, I've been meaning to travel to Cambodia and her post on it makes me even more excited to go! It's funny how information and entertainment are blended so perfectly in her blog. Read her Cambodia entry and you might just feel the itch to go there too! (Oh seat sale, round 10 please?!)

Three, hindi siya nakakaumay. In fact, I can imagine her voice reverberating in my ears. I share her inquisitiveness and her insights, and it's fun reading it in a very magaan way. Her candidness is infectious! Her blog has been my huge stress reliever lately.

So, if bored kayo and gusto niyo ng legit na tawa, go read her blog - It's worth the kabag :)

Madam K, pansinin mo kami :)))

And this video of Madam K with Tita K's super hilarious!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Please, Don't Be a Push Over, It Affects Everyone

Catching up with friends is my biggest stress reliever, and it is something that I try to do as often as I can. I find meeting up with my friends cathartic and therapeutic.

I don't mind planning a meet-up, but I like it even more when my friends initiate one. It's a type of love that I like receiving - your friends miss you and want to know how you're holding up!

What bugs me off, however, is this reply - "Kayo bahala, basta ako kahit ano, game ako!" - whenever the question of where to meet, where to eat, what to do, what time to see each other are brought up.

Annoying isn't it?

I don't know if there are people who are simply born push-overs or are of the go-with-the-flow kind, but I think this nonchalant "kahit ano, game ako!" reply is really annoying.

Why is this bugging me?

1. Because it validates your tamad nature. Think, people! Think and come up with suggestions. It makes it easy for everyone involved. Planning logistics (I can't think of another less-business-y term!) for a meet up is hard! Having a pushover in the group is like having that tamad group mate in school who would just watch everyone do the heavy lifting and just be there when it's time to submit or present to class.

While it sounds sweet that the reason you leave the planning to everyone is because your priority is to bond with your friends wherever and whenever that might be, please be considerate and make yourself active in the planning stage because there are so many things that need to be factored in including your presence. It's kind of rude too to just show up (and show up even late!) without being involved as to how the meet up came to fruition in the first place.

If you don't involve yourself in the planning, you have no right to make your own conditions. Sorry na lang.

2. Because you have to volunteer your convenience to the fore. When you are proactive during the planning stage, you are able to factor in things that will make the meet-up convenient for you. It's not selfish; it's what friends who volunteer to plan are rewarded with.

When you do so, you can suggest places that are near your area, restaurants that you've been meaning to try for the first time, activities that you know is better done when tried with your friends. 

What usually happens when there's a pushover in your group is they will tell you their inconveniences when it's already too late. For instance - 

Scenario 1

Friend 1: So, san niyo gusto magmeet this Friday, mga beks?
Pushover Friend: Basta ako kahit saan. Anywhere is okay as long as I'm with you guys <3
Friend 3: Ahhh sige, sa may Shang na lang. May bagong ramen place dun eh. Gusto ko siya itry talaga. Looks affordable, and the reviews are great! Keri?
Friend 1: Ay gora yan, girl! Bet ko din ramen on Friday. Pati since malamig, bagay nga mag soup na lang tayo! Haha! O siya, kitakits sa Shang on Friday! Mga 6:30 andun na ako. 
Friend 3: Sureness! Ako din, mga 6 andun na ako for sure :)
Pushover Friend: Ay ramen talaga? Parang gusto ko ng pasta!
Friend 1 & 3: ....
Pushover Friend: Ay burger pala! I just had pasta pala kahapon!
Friend 1: Merong Brothers Burgers din sa Shang...
Pushover Friend: Ay mahal dun eh. Ano pa kayang burgers meron?
Friend 1 & 3: *thinking*
Pushover Friend: Basta let me know na lang if may magandang burger place sa Shang. Di ko bet ramen eh. And I'll be there sa Shang on Friday ng 8 pala. Go ahead and eat na without me. Sunod na lang ako :)

Pushovers, wag pa-special, okay? While options and situations are being accounted for, kayo na magisip ng solution if ikaw lang ang may problem; don't leave it to your friends' coconuts to think of an alternative.

Scenario 2

Friend 1: Tara Shang tayo sa Thursday! Wine night lang tayo para fun!
Pushover Friend: Pwedeng wag sa Shang? Traffic eh!
Friend 1: Okay so where do you suggest? :)
Friend 2: Anywhere basta malapit lang and hindi traffic :)

Again, think! Don't be an inconvenience to others by letting them think some more. Be a good person by being considerate of others. 

Your effort in the planning of a meet-up, no matter how small, is integral to your friends and your relationship with them. Wag maging tamad. Giving your suggestions as to where you will meet up, where to eat, what to eat, what to do, etc. means you really want to meet your friends. It's so not cool to leave all the hard work to people who may just end up not wanting to be around you anymore.  

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Of Tardiness, Negativities and Blame Games

Late comers are huge pet peeves. And it's so true that a way a person manages their time is very telling of them as a person.

Sounds familiar?

I find it hard to respect colleagues who whine a lot, but can never seem to bring themselves to work early to avoid, let's say, rushing to meet a deadline or rushing to get home when everyone's already packing up to leave.

It's a simple domino effect - start late, you'll end late. If you start early, you'll end early.

I can't imagine myself being late. My 9-5 job starts at me logging in at 8:30 in the office. Say you want to grab dinner at 8, count on it that I'll be there waiting the table for everyone in our group. When meeting clients, I want to be the first to arrive. More than having the extra time to prepare how I look and my presentation spiel, it's my way of showing that I am considerate and grateful for the time you're giving me just to meet me.

I'm not without flaws when it comes to time, but I personally think that being on time or striving to be one is a challenge that everyone should strive to win. Punctuality is a lifelong process and a habit that's hard to learn if you won't exert the extra effort. When I was young, I was trained to wake up at 5:30 in the morning, sleep on my breakfast plate, and be in school by 6:15 even if we just live 10 minutes away from Miriam.

I didn't understand the logic then, but now I do. And the value for time has rewards only punctual people can get - you get the best seats, your application (or what-not) gets processed quickly, you finish early (whatever your errand is) and there are less stress to deal with since you have a bunch of extra minutes to make time for.

If you're considerate of others and their time, make the effort to set the alarm and wake up as you are supposed to. Traffic's part of our daily lives and all of us get stuck in it whether by car, by bus or by jeep. If traffic ruins your mood every morning, leave the house early. You save yourself and your office mates from your tantrums for arriving all sweaty, hungry and polluted from your commute.

If you know that lunch break's only 1 hour, chew your food quick and let not your countless stories be the reason for everyone's delay to be back on their desks on time.

So, if you're of the perpetually tardy / lazy type, do something about it. Please. There's really nothing cute and fashionable about it.


It's hard to work in an environment of negativity. The ability to shut everything out is a challenge when you see negativity talk, walk and even befriend you.

It's a shame when we always feel entitled to patronage or an increase in pay when we haven't proven ourselves that much yet. The mouth works double time than the mind.

It's a shame to see other people get credit for the work you did or see other people be compensated more even if they just sit in their office chair while playing Criminal Case. 

It's a shame to assume respect when you can't even arrive on time for office work. (sort of related to my post on time and tardiness)

It's a shame not to report for work even if the system does not require you to be there from 9 to 6. Show the ropes, show how it is done and you'll be deserving of your position in the eyes of your colleagues.

Talent is in every person alive and breathing. The idea of one being more talented than the other is simply because that person chooses to show more than what is expected of them.

Go where your heart takes you, but don't bad mouth as you leave or even as you plan your course of exit. 

Reunion Dinner at Silantro, Fil-Mex Resto in Kapitolyo

It's been a long time since I've been around the streets of Kapitolyo in Pasig. That dream neighborhood brings a lot of great memories to mind from my life at my second job where I met great and talented people who I share the same passion for food with. Whenever our Singaporean friend is in town, a dinner out is a must. 

With the Brady bunch!

Silantro is a is a casual, kitsch-free Mexican cantina in Kapitolyo owned by Paolo de Venecia and Francis Sanchez from Dagupan City. It's one of MANY restos in that burgeoning foodie neighborhood, but I have to say that unlike Maginhawa Street, the choice of restos in Kapitolyo have more charm and character cuisine-wise.

If there's Tex-Mex, then Silantro's Fil-Mex, which means Mexican dishes adjusted to the Filipino taste buds. Aside from Kapitolyo, Silantro also has a branch in Dagupan.

I was surprised that Silantro is farther than where Rub Ribs is. As I was walking from Rub, the road started to get darker, and I was already thinking whether I should go back up to Cab Cafe first and wait for my friends. As it turns out, Silantro is indeed nestled in a very dark area of Kapitolyo. However, as soon as I saw cars and groups of people grouped together by the curb, I knew that I found the place and that I was safe. Whew! :)

The countless groups of yuppies and families waiting by the curb was indeed an indication that Silantro is a resto worth waiting for and dining at. I had my name listed at 7:30 and a table got freed up for my friends and I at 8:15! But I tell you, the quality and the serving at Silantro are so worth it. Even the prices are super affordable!

Although we were only 3 (which added up to 5 since Marye and JC caught up with us later on), we ordered food that was good for at least 5 people! Haha! We got hefty servings of Nachos, Beef Quesadillas and Silantro's Pork Ribs! 

And yes, a dash of chopped silantro is sprinkled all over your order before it's served on your table.

A Mountain of Baked Nachos (Php 160)

Super Cheesy and Rich Beef Quesadillas with a Side of Fries (Php 160)

Silantro's Pork Ribs with a Side of Creamy (almost gelatin-like) Mashed Potatoes (Php 195)

Yummy, Colorful Sauces!

Unless you're super selfish and hungry, the servings at Silantro are so made for sharing. We got apple-flavored San Mig too, which I haven't had in a really long time. It was fun reliving my life from 2 years ago - Friday night outs, eating with friends until the resto closes and chugging on beer like there are no calories to burn the next day.

I had so much fun catching up with friends that night. The conversations where more mature though just as silly as the last time. 

Thank you, universe, for great friends and the shared love for food! Until next time <3

Silantro Fil-Mex Cantina
75 East Capitol Dr
Kapitolyo, Pasig
(0917) 508-4748


1. The order taker missed out on our order of Caliente Wings :( Maybe he should bring with him his pen and paper everywhere he goes and not make a mental notes of all orders from different tables. I remember he asked us thrice for our orders, and still missed out on the wings =/

2. The place is quite dark! If you're eating there at night, better go with your group than alone - especially if you're just walking. 

Monday, October 27, 2014

Banapple and Starry, Starry Night at Sip and Gogh - Part 2!

We deserve nice things every now and then. It was only last week when I first tried Sip and Gogh, and I never imagined that I will be be back again 7 short days after. Last Saturday, my sister decided to tag along.

The 8 PM session we attended featured Van Gogh's Starry Starry Night. I was excited and she was a little nervous. Haha!

To more sessions :)

Prior to the session, we decided to grab a quick dinner at Banapple Katipunan 1. It's rare to chance upon an available parking space in that area. We were lucky :)

I had Fettuccine Jacintha (or herbed carbonara) she got the Chicken Parmigiana. Of course, the buttered rice was left untouched.

Though I planned not to stuff my stomach that much, I decided that we try the Yo Ho Hope! Cheesecake for dessert, which made me dizzy after only 3 bites. It was very sinful, I tell you. It's not ideal for solo sharing.

Fettuccine Jacintha (Php 200)

Chicken Parmigiana (Php 255)

Yo Ho Hope! Cheesecake (Php 145)

We arrived just in time for the session. I thought that there won't be as many people since it's already late, but as it turns out, the choice of featured work made a big difference! The studio was semi-packed that night! Some of the staff even recognized me already :) Familiarity is always a warm, fuzzy feeling I welcome in a place that I like.

I wish I'll have a studio of my own with the same overflow of acrylic paint!

With less cultured one. LOL!

My sister opted for a cup of decaf while I got a glass of white wine. I liked the wine so much that I got another glass. I'm curious what the brand of their white wine is :)

When it comes to the drinks, the first one's on the house and the succeeding ones are yours to pay. The second glass of wine I had was Php 200. Not bad at all given the quality of the wine that they have.

It really feels nice to immerse yourself in things that you like to do. And though Starry Starry Night was more difficult than last week's Silent Retreat, the challenge is always welcome. And I'm quite proud of the work I did! 


Banapple Pies and Cheesecakes Katipunan 1
225 Katipunan Ave.
Blue Ridge, Quezon City
(02) 439-2675

Sip and Gogh
Capitol Greenstreet Commercial Center
1 Capitol Hills Drive 
Old Balara, Quezon City

Eye Confessions of a Non-Kikay

I'm no kikay. I'm remotely girly unless the situation calls for it. I fancy sports, food and anything that will appease my melancholic personality over make-up and high heels. 

I, however, believe that my eyes are beautiful (yes, buhatan na ng sariling bangko ito!) and if there's any make-up that I will gladly invest in, it would have to be eyeliners as my face can get red all on its own when I laugh (no need for blush!) and my lips can benefit more with simple petroleum jelly than fancy colored lipsticks.

My first eyeliner was Nivea, then replaced by Maybelline. I've gone from pencil, cream and finally to liquid as the latter's easier to do eye wings with.

Finally, this They're Real Push-Up Liner's mine <3

Thanks to my sister (though I wasn't dropping any hints at all), I now have with me the push-up liner by Benefit that I plan to buy this week! They're Real Push-Up Liner is the bomb! I'm totally saying goodbye to sad, matamlay eyes :) It's so easy to apply too even for a fair-weather kikay like me!

Thanks ate for the advanced Christmas present!

I have so many dots on my face -_- but I do love my eyes! Yay for eyelids!

Are you in love with this product too? :)

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Almond Milk for the Love of Anything New

So last night while waiting for my friend to arrive, I decided to kill time at the grocery, a place you'll soon discover to be therapeutic when you reach your mid 20s. 

There were some guys unpacking almond milk from cartons and I suddenly remembered how I've been meaning to try almond milk, specifically the one by Silk.

May this match my mental surplus that 
for quite some time now only coffee can keep up with

So I bought one! As I type this, I'm waiting it to chill a little bit. I'm not a fan of milk, but I'm giving this a shot for purely health reasons. 

I googled the benefits I could get by drinking almond milk and as it turns out, it's quite a promising choice I made.

Did you know that almond milk is...

low in calories?
contains only 40 calories at most per 8 ounce?
low in fat?
it is lactose-free?
it is also gluten, casein and cholesterol-free?
high in antioxidants?

Now, those bits of facts makes quite happy :) Are you in love with almond milk? :)
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