Sunday, February 03, 2013

Trader Joes Cookie Butter VS Biscoff Creamy Spread

It's the Battle of the Cookie Butters in our household, and I think it is about time that I make a decent commentary (not that I am an expert on anything lol) about the 2 popular bread spreads (or snacks!) that's been driving my sugar levels crazy these days. To start of, the concept of Trader Joes Cookie Butter and Biscoff Creamy Spread is very similar so the main contention now would be how the tiny details namely the texture/consistency, comparative sweetness, and color play on the taste buds.

In terms of texture/consistency, Biscoff Creamy Spread is well.. creamier than Trader Joes Cookie Butter. I guess it has to do with the butter content with the former having more butter percentage than the presence of the cookie bits within. When you take a spoonful of Biscoff and another one with Trader Joes, you will see that Biscoff slides off the spoon more easily than Trader Joes. Again, I think that's because Trader Joes is packed with cookie bits, therefore, it's denser. If you eat some as is, Biscoff melts on your mouth more quickly than Trader Joes. If you spread both on bread or any pastry, Biscoff spreads a lot easier than Trader Joes even if I put my jar of Biscoff inside the refrigerator. 

My Texture/Consistency Hero: Biscoff Creamy Spread

In terms of the sweetness, Biscoff Creamy Spread is sweeter. I am honestly quite surprised to find this out because Trader Joes is that gooey cookie butter PLUS bits of crushed biscuits. It's actually milder in terms of sweetness, and I get to spread it over ordinary white bread or a vanilla cupcake that I just took out of the oven without over killing the sweetness in the process. And in terms of color, Biscoff looks lighter than Trader Joes. Not that color affects the taste, but since I eat with my eyes, I find the lighter brown shade more appetizing than a darker one.

My Sweet Hero: Trader Joes Cookie Butter

Well, this is just my opinion, but I fancy the Biscoff Creamy Spread more than Trader Joes Cookie Butter. I just love how it sneakily flirts with my tongue buds, and how I can manage to eat it straight out of the jar without feeling so full and over-satiated (woah, that's tautologous) with its taste. I think the only drawback with my preference would be the availability here in the Philippines. So far, the only seller I know is Lorena and Loreta, which I blogged a few weeks ago. I have yet to try the actual Biscoff biscuits, but the spread alone is a good indication that the brand is really good at what it makes. Again, to all Trader Joes Cookie Butter fanatics, these are all just my opinion :)


  1. i love biscoff spread. <33 my next favorite after peanut butter.. move over nutella. lol!! i have to try TJ pa.

    1. Personally, mas ok talaga Biscoff - it's sweeter kasi :) Try to visit The Food Bin along Katipunan Extension, the Blue Kitchen in Rockwell and in Shang and Milky Way Cafe along Jupiter Makati for your TJ :)

  2. Healthy Options carries the Biscoff Cookies and spread! I was able to purchase the crunchy version of the spread and it was REALLY AMAZING! They informed me that they'll carry the creamy version early to mid May. I'm sooooo excited to try the creamy version. :)

    Both are good but I agree with you, in terms of taste and texture, Biscoff is better. <3

  3. Hello :)

    The Good Stuff PH also sells Biscoffs, TJ Speculoos, KitKat Greentea (a personal fave!) and other Trader Joe's goodies :)

    Just visit our FB store

    or our INSTAGRAM account @thegoodstuffph




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